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  • Company history
    • Cumulative sales: 12.7 billion won
    • Cumulative performance: 60
    • Possession license: cadastration surveying, Digital Mapping,
      Geodetic Surveying
    1. 2016
      1. September

        Change of name (LT Metric Co., Ltd)

    2. 2014
      1. December

        Accumulated sales of 10 billion won

    3. 2011
      1. February

        Commendation from governor of Jeollabuk-do Province

    4. 2009
      1. September

        Commendation from the Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs

    5. 2004
      1. March

        Establishment of Korea Cadastral Surveying Corporation(First registration nationwide in cadastral survey industry)
        Capital: 483,500,000 won
        Act on the Construction and Management of Spatial Information
        Verification of the processing ability (Representative 15 districts) of local governments and public corporations (such as LH)

  • Status of public open of cadastral
    confirmation survey
    1. 2018
      1. Excluded from Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation in the area of cadastral confirmation survey
        (Passing the Cabinet meeting of National Spatial Information basic Act’s revision)

    2. 2004
      1. Private cadastral confirmation survey industry (naissance of cadastration survey industry

        Combination of Korea Land and Geospatial Informatix Corporation(formerly Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation) and private enterprise

  • Project targeted for cadastral
    readjustment survey
    • Housing construction projects under the Housing Act
    • Housing site development projects under the Housing Site Development Promotion Act
    • Industrial complex development projects under the Industrial Site and Development Act
    • Consolidation projects under Act on the Maintenance and Improvement of Urban Areas and Dwelling Conditions for Residents
    • Regional development projects under the Regional Development Assistance Act
    • Land development projects for the installation of sports facilities under the Installation and Utilization of Sports Facilities Act
    • Development of tourist facilities complexes under the Tourism Promotion Act
    • Reclamation projects under the Public Waters Management and Reclamation Act
    • Port development projects under Harbor Act and the New Harbor Construction Promotion Act
    • Projects for creation of public housing districts under the Special Act on Public Housing
    • Development projects under the Act on the Development and Management of Logistics Facilities and the Special Act on Designation and Management of Free Economic Zones
    • Construction projects for high-speed railroads, general railroads and wide-area railroads under the Railway Construction Act
    • Construction projects for National expressways and general national highways under the Road Law
    • Other land development projects similar to those of subparagraphs 1 through 13, which satisfies the requirements that are publicly notified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport


  1. 1 Management support team
  2. 2 Technical (advice) support team
  3. 3 Cadastral survey team
  4. 4 Survey team
  • Current state of cadastral survey technician
    Current state of cadastral survey technician
    Classification Total Professional Engineer Craftsman
    Special Advanced Beginner Advanced Beginner
    Number of
    12 4 4 2 1 1
  • Current state of general survey technician
    Current state of general survey technician
    Classification Total Professional Engineer Craftsman
    Special Advanced Intermediate Beginner Advanced Beginner
    Number of
    10 1 2 3 1 1 2

    The signature is a combination of the symbol mark and the logo type in an appropriate proportion, and it is possible to select and use a combination according to the application situation. In principle, all manuscripts should be enlarged or reduced by the computer data of the manual.

    엘티메트릭 CI

    Corporate exclusive colors are divided into primary colors and secondary colors. It is important to deliver a consistent color image because the symbol mark is applied to various visual mediums and functions to transmit the corporate image. Effective use of color requires careful attention and should be made in consultation with the responsible department when there are any questions in the production.

    • LT brown
      Spot color
      PANTONE 7592 C
      C21 M78 Y90 K10
      R182 G83 B50
      Web color
      Main color
    • LT dark blue
      Spot color
      PANTONE 2768 C
      C100 M91 Y38 K45
      R5 G28 B72
      Web color
    • LT gray
      Spot color
      PANTONE Cool Gray 2 C
      C17 M14 Y15 K0
      R210 G207 B205
      Web color
      Sub color