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  • 공간분석 수행 및 컨설팅

    Spatial analysis consulting
    • Topography analysis (Earthwork volume calculation, Topographic change analysis)
    • Accessibility analysis (Analysis by major facilities and transportation)
    • Location analysis (Commercial area, Floating population, Resident population analysis)
    • Providing BIM (BIM modeling, BIM service)
    • Spatial big data analysis (Prediction of disease diffusion and traffic)
  • The fastest and most accurate readjustment survey
    • Ability to cope with on-site conditions
    • 14 years of experience in the nation's top business experience
    • Confirmed surveying experiences and technology in various area and large area
    • Providing cadastral surveying process consulting

      • Legal consulting on construction and management of spatial information
      • Interpretation and consulting of Enforcement Decree of the same Act and Enforcement Regulations
    • Process support after readjustment survey

      • Land registration, land evaluation, etc

    전국 최고 업력의 신속·정확한 지적확정측량 수행

  • 공간분석 수행 및 컨설팅

    Urban planning licensing consulting
    • Consulting on laws related to urban planning

      • National Land Planning and Utilization Act
      • Urban Development Act / Act on the Maintenance and Improvement of Urban Areas and Dwelling Conditions for Residents
      • Natural Environment Conservation Act / Mountain Districts Management Act
      • Farmland Act/ Cultural Heritage Protection Act, etc
    • Consulting on district unit planning and urban planning facility decision
  • Aerial surveying
    • Has the latest digital aerial camera for map production
    • High-resolution video acquisition allows for mapping and production of various scales
    • Load high-precision GPS/INS into aircraft for reliable positioning
    • Use in various fields of spatial information such as Cadastral Information, urban planning, reading unauthorized Buildings, engineering design, flooding, and Hydrographic research